Booking and Rental Regulations

    1. Fees for rental of camp properties are listed on the Rental Fee Schedule. In addition to the rental fee, a $200.00 Security/Cleaning Deposit is required on all rentals. The Deposit is fully refunded if the buildings and grounds are left in a clean condition and there are no damages found to camp property or violations of regulations as laid out in this contract.  The Site Manager will inspect building & grounds following your rental.  If cleaning/work is needed to return to a rentable condition, $20.00 per hour will be deducted from your Deposit for the time it takes to complete these for the renter.  If damages to the property are found, repair/replacement cost for this will be deducted and any remainder of deposit will be returned to the renter.  Refund of Deposits will be returned by a check via the mail to the renter at the address provided on the rental contract in approximately 10-15 days.  Special arrangements for a Deposit to carry over to a future date for repeat rentals may be approved by the Site Manager.
    2. To secure the rental date the $200 Deposit – cash, check (with a form of ID from signer), money order, or cashier’s check – must be received by the Site Manager with a contract completed and signed by the renter. The Rental Fee must be received by the Site Manager before the rental date.  Cancellation made on rentals within the 30 days prior to a rental date will cause forfeiture of the Deposit, only the rental fee amount will be refunded.      
    3. The swimming pool may be rented from May – September, weather permitting.  Due to requirements of our licensing by the Texas Department of Health and our Insurance Provider, renters must provide, at their own expense, a qualified lifeguard and provide a copy of their current certification form to the Site Manager prior to the rental.  The lifeguard will need to bring a picture ID to verify their identity to the Site Manager.  The pool gate cannot be unlocked unless this is provided. If the pool is not being guarded properly, and posted pool rules are not followed, all persons will be evacuated from the pool, the gate locked and pool rental fees will be forfeited. 
    4. The Renter is responsible for any theft by their attendees; loss, or damage to any Camp property over and above the Deposit. No camp equipment or property – examples:  kitchen equipment/utensils, benches, tables, chairs or cleaning items, etc. – are to be removed from the camp premises.  Lodge & Conference Center tables/chairs/racks are for inside use only.  If any items are missing or damaged during rental, their replacement cost will be deducted from renter’s Deposit and/Renter will be notified by a certified letter with details in the instance that this occurs.
    5. Rental dates & times are noted on the Rental Fee Schedule – dates or start time & end time. Set up of tables, chairs & decorations will be done during these hours unless special arrangements are made with the Site Manager ahead of time.  Rental times that are not adhered to according to the start and end time on the Rental Fee Schedule will cause a forfeiture of the renters Deposit.   
    6. WHEN RENTAL IS OVER: Take all your belongings with you – including food from refrigerators & freezers.  Leave all areas of building/area rented, kitchens & restrooms in clean condition with all kitchen items washed & put up.  Wipe down and return tables & chairs to their rolling storage carts if applicable to building rented.  Sweep floor.  Mop up any food/drink spills.  Leave any dirty dish rags, etc. in container provided in Lodge.  Empty ALL trash containers in building/area rented and place in securely closed trash containers outside of buildings.  Turn off all lights and lock all doors securely in the areas/building(s) rented. An Exit Checklist is posted in each building with these instructions.
    7. Rental rates are not guaranteed for more than one year for advance rentals. The rates will be shown on rental contract.
    8. Rental dates/times may not be assigned to another group without a new Rental Fee Schedule form and Booking and Rental Regulations forms completed and approved by the Site Manager.
    9. The Master’s Workshop Camp, Inc. is not liable for personal injuries by attendees or while on our property nor for lost or damaged articles belonging to persons/groups renting or using the camp facilities.
    10. Decorations using staples, tacks, nails, duct tape, any kind of adhesive or tape, or any type of items that will damage any camp property are NOT allowed – this includes walls, floors, windows, tables, chairs, equipment, ceilings, playground, or any outside equipment signs or areas.   If evidence is found of any of these being used on property or anything used that causes damage to camp property, the renter’s Deposit will be forfeited.  Special decorations or exhibits will need to be approved prior to rental date by the Site Manager. All decorations or signs – inside buildings and outside on grounds – must be removed by renter when rental is over. 
    11. The possession or use of any type of ALCOHOL (BEER/WINE/LIQUOR), ILLEGAL DRUGS, TOBACCO PRODUCTS, and/or FIREARMS or FIREWORKS OF ANY KIND are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the camp’s property. Any individual(s) violating any of these will be dismissed immediately from the premises.  All Deposits and Rental Fees paid will be forfeited if dismissal is required and probation of the group/individual if they should seek another rental.
    12. Paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, trash bags, and dishwashing soap are provided on site for renter’s use during rental. Brooms, mops, cleaners and cleaning supplies are made available to renter to clean up during & after their rental.