1. Fee’s for camp rental – all or part – are listed on the fee schedule. In addition to the rental fee, a “Clean-up” deposit of $100.00 is required which will be returned if the building(s) and grounds are left in a clean condition. All trash must be in plastic bags and placed in the dumpster. Trash must be picked up from grounds. Tables and chairs should be stacked against wall. The site manager will do any clean-up necessary on a pro-rated basis at $10.00 per hour based on the amount of work needed to put the building(s) and grounds in usable condition for the next rental. The amount will be deducted from the deposit and the balance will be returned.

2. The rental and deposit must be paid by check or cash with both fees and the contact mailed or presented to the site manager at least 30 days prior to the rental. Any cancellation made after 15 days prior to the rental will cause forfeiture of the deposit. The rental fee will be refunded.

3. The pool may be rented May – September, weather permitting. You must submit a certification of a qualified lifeguard, and it must be on file before the rental; otherwise the pool gate cannot be unlocked. The site manager may check the identity of the person guarding to see if in fact the pool is being guarded properly. If this rule is not followed, all persons will be evacuated from the pool, the gate locked, and there will be no refund. (Requirements are by the Health Department and Insurance Co.)

4. The renter (person making the reservation) will be responsible for any theft by users, loss, or damage to any Camp property over and above the deposit.

5. Rental time – a one day rental is from 8 a.m. to midnight – time in and time out. Set up of tables, chairs, and decorations will be done during these hours unless special arrangements are made with the site manager ahead of time. Multiple day rentals begin at 8 a.m. of the first day and conclude at midnight of the last rental day.

6. All items belonging to the user must be removed by the end of the rental.

7. All lights and heating or cooling units must be turned off, and all doors securely locked when leaving.

8. Rental rates are not guaranteed for more than one year for advance rental.

9. Rentals may not be assigned to another group without a new contact and the approval of the site manager.

10. The camp is not liable for personal injuries or for lost or damaged articles belonging to persons/groups renting or using camp facilities.

11. No equipment or kitchen utensils are to be removed from premises.

12. Decorations or materials that will mar or damage walls, floors, and/or ceiling are prohibited. Permission for special decorations or exhibits will be granted at the discretion of the site manager.

13. The possession or use of ALCHOHOL, and/or ILLEGAL DRUGS is STIRCTLY PROHIBITED. Any individual(s) violating the rule will be dismissed immediately, and may cause probation of the group if they should seek another rental. All deposits and fees will be forfeited.

14. No Firearms will be permitted

15. Deposit and signed contacts are required to guarantee the date requested. Failure to return both in a timely manner could result in loss of date.