History of Camp

The original 20 acres of the camp was accepted as a project for the development of the camp site in 1953 by the Waco Regional Brotherhood (now known as the Men’s Churchman’s Fellowship). The deed was given to the men in 1954 by members of the VanDyck family (Ted, Herman and Margaret). Acreage was dedicated October 2, 1955.

Camping began with housing in tents. The tabernacle was built in 1958; 2 cabins were built in 1960 with a third cabin built in 1967.

The lodge was dedicated in 1975. In 1976 restrooms were added to the three cabins replacing the old “shower house”.

The Lodge was dedicated in 1975 and was paid in full at the 25th Anniversary of the camp held in 1979.  In 1977, Rev & Mrs. Paul Kluge gave approximately 26 acres bordered by creeks – assuring privacy at the outer edges of the property. Also in 1977, a baseball/softball field was developed. In 1978, a tennis/basketball court was added.

In 1982, a picnic area was developed. In 1986, the Site Manager’s home was built of stone matching the lodge. In 1988, the Conference Building was moved to the campgrounds and refurbished into space for a conference room, nurse’s station, office, kitchen, and two restrooms.

In 1990 and 1991, all buildings were connected by a network of sidewalks. Also in 1991, a beautiful gazebo was built for meditation and relaxation. In 1992, the swimming pool was built. The playground was developed on the land offered by the cemetery.

In 1997, construction of a fourth cabin was completed and the existing three cabins were refurbished.  From farmland to a beautiful camp, many wonderful experiences have touched the lives of numerous children, teenagers and adults. It is truly The Master’s Workshop!